Living by Faith

Are you experiencing challenges and setbacks in your life journey?

Do you sometimes doubt that God cares about the details in your situation?

How can Christian faith help in these times?

Walking miracle, wife, mother and author Dr Amanda Nickson shares insights and examples from her own life of faith through tough times to being an overcomer. Her miraculous survival of a bushwalking accident and unstable neck fracture which left doctors puzzled why she wasn’t a quadriplegic is one of the examples of God’s hand in her life found in the pages of this book.

Her triumph over self-doubt in her journey from dyslexia and anxiety to a PhD another. She has experienced the impossible becoming possible over and over again.

Living as a Christian for over 40 years, Amanda shares ways of growing in faith and stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

Are you ready now to be living by faith?

The Resilient Leader

Are you experiencing feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in your role as a Pastor, Minister, Chaplain, or leader in the church or marketplace?

Do you sometimes worry that you may be on the road to burnout?

Have you wondered whether leadership can be sustainable and enjoyable?

Social worker, Pastor, author and speaker Dr Amanda Nickson shares insights and examples from her own life of resilience through challenging times to being able to teach others skills in sustainable leadership. Having experienced both compassion fatigue to the point of burnout and compassion satisfaction, Amanda is well placed to share helpful insights into how to build sustainable and balanced lives.

Drawing on her experiences as a leader and professional supervisor for Pastors, Chaplains and human services workers, Amanda has a well-grounded perspective on the way forward for empowering existing and emerging leaders.

Living as a Christian for over 40 years, Amanda has witnessed numerous pastors and leaders leave their roles due to burnout. She shares how to beat overwhelm and burnout with achievable, sustainable leadership.

Are you ready now to make some changes for a sustainable life as a leader?

Hope for the Future

Are you experiencing challenging circumstances in your life?

Do you sometimes wonder if God cares about the details in your situation?

How do you find hope in situations that seem hopeless?

In this extraordinary and honest book, Dr Amanda Nickson shares 13 deeply personal stories from inspiring women who all have had their share of challenges and yet have found hope for the future, despite their situations.

These stories include women whose life experiences are as diverse as living with disability, unexpected injuries and medical conditions; overcoming abuse as children; finding hope in seasons of devastating grief and loss; raising children with complex disabilities; living beyond experiences of violence; and defying role expectations and taking bold steps of faith.

You will discover how these women have found a way forward, some from survival hour to hour to lives radically transformed and what gave them hope to go on through the storms that life can throw us.

Each story serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment, inspiring readers to embrace their own journeys with newfound strength and determination.

Are you ready now to live life full of hope for the future?

“Not only is Amanda qualified to speak into the area of overcoming and having hope for the future, but she exemplifies a life where this is her default position. She radiates joy regardless of the circumstances and it's evident that there is a depth of not only knowledge but vast experience that enables her to speak to others and encourage them on their journey.“
Jo Geerling
Senior Pastor, iSEE Church
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